Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ferre Fired Two Designers

Recently Gianfranco Ferre just fired their two designers, Tommaso Aguilano and Roberto Rimondi. They joined Ferre in 2008. WWD reported that "after the Fall 2011 show, the sales didn't go well at all." While attending the February show, the new owners of Ferre, Abdulkader Sankari and Ahmed already enquired about the designers' future, saying that " we will see".
A retailer also claimed that the designers are fired due to poor sales. " We bought a minimal amount of the collection for the sake of carrying the brand, but there simply were not enough samples. There was almost no daywear and evening wear was fairy-tale like, something for the Oscars. It may work for a small, niche brand, but not for such a global brand."
It seems like designers really have to think about the market before they design. They cannot just design clothes based on their own interest. If you want the brand to go a long way, you have to think about the customers, the ones who actually buy the clothes and support the brand.

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