Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On The Spot- Assignment #1 Trends and Forecasting

On Saturday I went to South Coast Plaza to people watch. I sat on the bridge between the two buildings for about an hour. I had a lot of interesting findings. The majority people with luxury shopping bags are Asians. Being an Asian myself, I quite understand them. In China particularly, so many people are into luxury. Louis Vuitton and Gucci are their favorite brands. To Chinese people, designer brands are more of a status symbol than a fashion statement. Having a Louis Vuitton bag means telling people " Hey look I'm rich." I even heard that in China now there are travel agencies taking tourists to America just to shop. It seems like more and more Asians are getting rich and buying designers.
As of the style tribes on campus, I found a few pretty identical ones. The fashion design and fashion marketing students are the most stylish ones. Their clothes are trendy, but fashion design students dress more practically. I guess it is because they sometimes have to work in labs, so they must wear something that makes it convenient for them. I noticed that fashion students wear nice shoes, too. I also found another style tribe, but I don't know which major they are. They wear the basics, like graphic T-shirts and jeans. Their shoes are always Converses. Maybe it is a mixture of different majors, like graphic design, game art, or photography.

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